• Do you love the sea?
  • Has it ever helped you wash away all your sorrows?
  • Has it comforted you, widened you, given you hope?

Stepping out of the door and being right by the ocean is one of the greatest gifts.

And yet, at the same time, it is a daily bellyache.

No matter how many times we do clean-ups, no matter how many times we bring home and dispose of what we can carry,


In addition, so far this year we have found three dead dolphins on our local beaches. Last year 9, plus two huge dead turtles. All at a time when endless trawlers have appeared on the horizon and not disappeared for ages.

The feeling of walking among plastic bottles, nappies, yoghurt pots, shoes, and much more, or seeing a dolphin decomposing on the beach with cuts all over its body is one of pain, sadness, anger, helplessness, and despair. In short – unbearable.

Because beach clean-up alone won’t get us anywhere, we decided to make a move.

We have developed our own brand in which we upcycle fishing net, which has long been banned but is still in daily use. We integrate and decorate with it and turn it into a symbol. The symbol of our revolt. Our cry out to finally wake up, to finally look, to finally change something before it is too late.

The fishing net is a symbol that reminds me every day, that I have the power to change something and that change starts with no one else but myself.

A percentage of every product sold from our Dihiya range goes to Sea Shepherd.

How can you support us?

Buy our products, like our page, spread the spirit.

Love, your Dihiya Tribe

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