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Hi, we are Karen, Nezha and Lena,
three women,
three neighbours,
from three different countries,

living together in Morocco, ready to make a difference

inspired by Dihiya – the Amazigh queen, that fought for her vision of a better future for her tribe

Living in Morocco means living in paradoxes

A country rich of art, culture and skill, while people suffer feeding themselves and their children
A country where local handcrafters can hardly make a living, while the markets are swamped with our second hand clothes from Europe and Chinese cheap merchandises.
A country known for its stunning nature, from the desert to forests from mountains to the ocean, whilst all this is drowning in plastic.
A country that we love, for its creativity, hospitality and magic, that we are grateful to live in
that we want to give back to.

How we work

– We combine our skills and experiences as a web designer, journalist, photographer, marketer, manager, …
– find artisans from big cities to small remote villages
– hear and share their stories with you
– educate in, and support sustainable production
– supply with and inspire in up- and recycle materials, from manufacture to packaging
– open the global market for the artisan even in the remotest village of Morocco
– Pay fair prices
– Respect our values for a healthy and clean future earth
– We give 1% of every sold art piece for support for local emergencies or to Sea Shepherd (if the art is made with fishing net)

Our Purpose

– to empower local families, generating a fair income for their art
– to protect our planet by up- and recycling, education and creation of awareness

Our Mission

to empower and provide a sustainable living for local families. By valuing their art and giving them access to a global market.

Our Vision

We believe in a world where we see, value, love and respect each other. Where everyone has the same chances, no matter where born. A world where we see us as the one that we are. And start to support each other with what we can.

Our promise to you


Respect & value people and our planet


Pay fair prices


Provide you with the full story


Do as much good as we can

Our Story

The beginning...

Three women from three different countries, that happen to be neighbours. And from neighbours becoming friends. By supporting each other, by being there for each other, by sharing.

Three of us with a similar vision of creating something bigger, by throwing our talents, our heart and energy together in one pot…

…and so Dihiya Inspired was born.


My name is Nezha and I am an Amazigh businesswoman from Morocco. Growing up, my country teaches you, that only by being flexible, smart, resistant, strong and creative at the same time, you will reach your goals. Starting producing music videos, today I run three different companies together with my husband. Next to this I manage a household and have a big family. My heart beats for art and since my youth, I have supported families that have a hard time to defend themselves. Dihiya to me is the perfect chance to combine the two.

Motto: Life is quite simple, if you can’t find a kind person, be the kind person….


Hi, I am Karen. I am a web designer from England that loves travel and adventures. Together with my husband, we built a house in Morocco and now are living here full time. I love the people and the culture. And I love especially the Amazigh women. I know how blessed I am, having had the chance to grow up with all the possibilities, education and woman rights my home country supplied me with. Living here I want to give back. Share my time and knowledge to make a difference for the women and their families in our community.

Motto: Be the change you want to see, because one person can be the difference.


Hi, I am Lena and I guess I am a ‘somehow in Morocco stranded’ German. When there is no Corona, I travel to West Africa and make a living out of photography, movie making, writing books or teaching yoga. I am a free spirit that loves people, nature, surf, laugh, dance and sharing. I am part of Dihiya because I believe that if we all share what we have, no one will be left behind.

Motto: Be the best version of yourself every day.




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