Bogolan Tote Bag


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Colour: Yellow, Black, Brown, Burgundy Fishing Net
Material: Bogolan, Recycled Fishing Net, Recycled Kaftan, with trims taken from the Kaftan too
Size: 45.5cm wide x 39.5cm deep (each piece is handmade therefore these sizes are approximate)

(shipping usually takes between 5-7 days)

A beautiful Bogolan Tote-bag makes an ideal shopping bag. It is made with Bogolan material, lined with recycled KAftan. The handles are made from the Kaftan and also recycled fishing net which also provides decorative detail on the side of the bag. Inside is a zip pocket.

Each bag is completely unique, and while the style stays the same your bag may not be 100% identical to what you see.

I made this product with love for you.....

If you order one of our Tote bags, you will want to know that Mohammed made it in his workshop especially for you.

He chooses each piece of Bogolan material, couples it with a Kaftan, the recycled fishing net and finally a piece of Kaftan trim for the handles and creates a unique masterpiece.

Learn more about Mohammed here

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions39.5 × 45.5 cm

Black, Brown, Yellow

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