Vintage Taznakht Rug 145cm x 82cm


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Size: 145cm x 82cm
Weight: 2.3kg
Colour: Multicoloured
Material: Wool

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This is a Moroccan Vintage Rug, so there is only one of its kind. The Taznakht rug, from Ouarzazate, is recognized by the quality of its wool, by the brilliance of its colours, and often by its small size.

Taznakht rugs also called Ait Ouaouzguite rugs, come from the region between Ouarzazate and Taznakht in the high atlas mountains. The carpet uses sheep wool and is handwoven and knotted stitch with natural colours such as saffron and henna


This rug is vintage, it is very old and therefore has some staining of colour, where the brighter colours have run through years of being washed. We have tried to photograph this so you can see. If you love absolute perfection then perhaps this isn't the rug for you!


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Weight2.3 kg
Dimensions145 × 82 cm




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