Zanafi Rug 150cm x 98cm


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Size: 256xm x 152cm
Weight: 2.4kg
Colour: Aqua Blue and White
Material: Wool

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Limited Edition, one of its kind, Aqua Blue and White Zanafi Rug with diamond detailing, made from 100% wool.

The Zanafi rug owes its name to the Zanafi tribe, located in the High Atlas mountains. The Zanafi rug stands out with its original weaving technique which often includes only two colours (Peach and white for example). These hand-knotted wool rugs are flat and display straight lines, geometric patterns are woven in 3D, and can have fringes on their sides.

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Weight2.4 kg
Dimensions150 × 98 cm



Aqua Blue and White with diamond detailing

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