About Lamia

My Story

Lamia loves to travel. Since she is small she likes to see different places, meet new people, learn about their culture.  She tries to visit all the time new parts of Morocco, whenever she can.

Lamia is running her own hostel together with her husband Mustafa. In the old hippie part of Essouira, where Jimmy Hendrix was known to hang out.

Together with her two sons Adam (8) and Reda Mohamed (3), one of her favourite activities is to learn English and German from her guests.

Lamia started to work with Raffia, when she left her parents home, to stay with her husband. She fell in love with the techniques… and loves to wear her own bags on any occasion.

If you happen to visit, you will most likely find Lamia and her family, together with her husbands brother, his horse Tischka and the family dog Brina.

Lamia will prepare a typical Moroccan breakfast for you. And you will drink tea together to reggae music, enjoying the fantastic view of the ocean, from the terrace of their Hippie-Moroccan-home.

Lamia made these products with love for you…

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