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Mohamed – a heart full of art

In one moment you might see him coming up patiently with the most beautiful drawing, in the next moment he is gone supporting someone in need, managing a surf camp or hotel or practising a handstand on a mountain or beach. But whatever you see him doing you will feel the love he is putting inside it.

About himself he says “I live for art; and the belief in love, never lets me give up. My passion is to keep growing, which is why I like to have deep conversations and question social as well as societal phenomena rather than simply taking them for granted. I want to get to the bottom of the why. A key for me is to always look and listen closely.”

Mohamed likes to discover and learn new things, always looking for solutions, to make the often difficult life in Morocco easier. Mainly for his family and everyone around him that could do with some support. Born in Agadir, Morocco, of “Arab-Berber” parents, he is a mixture of two of the main cultural groups. He has a bachelor’s degree in physics and chemistry and a degree in economics and management, specialising in management. But even with all this as a foundation he struggled like most well educated Moroccans for years, to find a job in his sector. So in the end he took the opportunities that were given to survive and has been working as pretty much everything. From running his own crepes shop to laying electricity in the remotest mountain villages of Morocco.

Being super sensitive to what’s happening inside and outside the people of his country, he used to write slam poetry in his dialect of Arabic-Darija. With the topics of the everyday life in his country, political and cultural issues, about love, hate and religion.

Even though continually suffering from a lack of money, if the best-paid job is against his values, be sure he won´t do it. A reason why he rejected the offered management position in a big hotel and instead quit.

Mohamed just started to work in the reception of a big surf camp, close to becoming the manager, when Corona hit. And the whole tourist sector broke down to zero.

But all this life school made him strong enough to stay positive, stand up again, full of trust, following his intuition. To us there is no one more suitable for finding new artists, resourcing cool material and running our social media. We are proud and grateful to have him in our tribe.

Yalla Mohamed – spread the love

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