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Reda – the all-round artist with the big smile

He knows every street, every corner, every artisan in the souk. Growing up in the magical medina of Marrakesh Reda is capable of making everything possible, always with a grin on his face.

As the cousin of Mohamed and Simo, his whole family works in leather, creating bags, rucksacks, jackets, barefoot shoes and much more. His parents weren’t happy at all when Reda dropped out of his economics studies and instead of working for the government, became a self-employed artist. An artist that on top of everything, didn’t follow the family path either.

Because Reda had a goal: to be different.

While still studying, he learned from his father how to make leather jackets. First for himself, then for his friends. A chance to create a small income while he attended university. He did everything; from resourcing the material, designing, sewing and selling. And pretty soon he discovered what he really wanted: A self-determined, free life, where he can try and learn new things every day. From logo design through to photography – and videography of products.

When the opportunity popped up to rent his own shop in the souk, he jumped. Out of university and into a little square that he somehow had to pay 100 Euros per month for. A fortune. Reda didn’t have any products yet and only money to buy leather for the first two bags. Which sold immediately after he made them. His family supported him, his mother and her friend with sewing, his cousin Simo producing bags on a trust loan.

Reda came up with the first roll-rucksack model. Something completely different from the other products in the souk, that followed the traditional roots. Everybody loved his high quality, fashion rucksacks – especially the tourists. And soon other artisans started copying him, in less excellence and therefore lower prices. Since there isn’t any copyright, the tourist’s who didn’t know the story, bought from the cheaper shops next door. Reda facing a pretty tough reality. The cheapest wins, no matter the quality.

After six months he left his shop behind. Working full time for his friends from France. Who encouraged him every time he was ready to give up and listen to his family, to follow his heart.
When Corona hit, he sat at home together with the rest of his family from sunrise to sunset producing masks. While slowly working on his dream.

Today he is running his own online shop for deco and design, together with a bunch of great friends.

We are super grateful to always be able to count on him, when in need of something. May it be organisation, something to be found, or managed in Marrakesh, he is our man.

Thanks Reda for being part of our team!

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