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Simo – the leatherman

Get lost in the small streets of the famous Marrakesh Medina.

Follow the smells of dust, freshly coloured wool, a somewhere cooking Tagine, crisscross a million times through the small alleys, pass by clothes, shoes, lamps, souvenirs and spice shops. And then, Inshallah, you arrive at a 2,5 x 1,5-meter workshop – the kingdom of Simo. This is where the magic happens.

For generations, most members of Simos family worked as handcrafters in metal and leather. He followed their path, starting his career in a leather factory, cutting samples. He then changed to a company producing leather bags in big quantities. Here, he had the chance to learn the whole process. After years in the system, it was a massive step for him, being a father of a nine-year-old child, to become independent. But he had this call inside him, that it was time to move on and create his own art. Simos sister helped him financially to open the shop in the souk. That was 2 years ago. Just as things started to flow, Corona hit. The souk, as well as borders, closed no more tourists in a city like Marrakesh, where most jobs depend on tourism. A minute and all savings were gone paying rent and other daily living costs.

Growing up in Morocco you are pretty much forced to find solutions on a regular basis. And as the whole family was affected – immediately they gathered together with the materials they had and their sewing machines at their aunt’s house. Here they started producing masks 24/7, selling them for 8 Cents per piece to a wholesaler.

Things are slowly getting better as people order small amounts of things from afar. To support Simo and his family you can do the same. Choose a beautiful one of a kind bum bag or rucksack and make a difference in their everyday life.

What makes your bag unique:

There are only small amounts of the same leather. Leather that most of the time comes from Morocco, gets treated and turned into something for a big company in Italy who then send the leftovers back here. The one who buys the leftover containers never knows what’s inside. But it actually doesn’t really matter. Since at one point every leather piece will be turned into something beautiful and find someone to love it. Like you who has the chance to purchase a one of a kind mix out of recycled leather and carpet – made only for you.


Simo made these products with love for you…

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