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Zahra – the smiling fighter. Born in the magical region of Ouarzazate, with its stunning surroundings, where directors shot many movies like Gladiator, the mummy, Alibaba and the 40 thieves, her life has been everything but easy. Born in a poor family, like most of the girls around her, instead of finishing school, she learned the art of making carpets.
A skill that she really loved and quickly developed until she became a master.

When Zahra got married she moved, together with her husband, to the region of Agadir. A tourist region, in the hope of a better life. She ran her own little shop, sitting, making carpets, while people could watch her in the process, ordering and buying directly. Her life changed dramatically when her husband suddenly died. In the eyes of his family now she was a nobody, not worth any support. A destiny, many widows in Morocco face. There she was, left behind, with two young sons – Adam and Amin. Working hard, to defend her little family.

But since carpet making mostly happens in dusty, cold, rooms, 24/7 face in wool, she developed strong asthma over the years. When her doctor told her to stop working full time on carpets, Zahra was lucky and found a job in the kitchen of a restaurant. But the money she makes here, especially in the time of Corona, isn’t enough to pay the living expenses of the three of them. Her oldest son, who just started to work in tourism, lost his job due to the crisis.

Whenever Zahra can, she sits and continues making carpets. In the end, that’s what she loves, that’s what she is good at, that’s where she can live her creativity and be her own boss. Everyone of Zahra’s pieces is made with love, next to the many hours she works to make a living. Every piece you buy of her is a treasure – one of a kind – that an incredibly talented artist, a fighter that never lost her smile, made only for you.

Zahra made these products with love for you…

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